Nichols Center and Grounds

Our Fall cleanup event, including Taco soup (Yea!), is coming up in November. Watch our website and Facebook page for the date.


Immediate Needs

  • Clean the gutters on the NCC.  Heavy rains are now overflowing the gutters on the West side and the water is going down the old emergency steps cover into the basement.
  • Rake the wood chips off the power ditch and band stage site in the North lawn so we can put grass seed down.
  • Reset the bricks on the walk to the gazebo in the zone where the ditch was dug for the power to the FICRA Fair food area.

Major Projects

  • Completing the Emergency Communications room in the NCC basement
  • Replacing the deteriorated siding, window sills and windows in the southwest corner of the NCC
  • Grading and improving the ball field to make the facility more usable by children and teens
  • Restoring the original schoolhouse windows in the NCC

Fox Island Nature Center

  • Assist in the ongoing clearing of invasive plants
If you can help with any of these volunteer projects or donate towards our major projects, please contact us at