NCC Rentals

NCC rental rates are established by the FICRA Building Trust, a 501(c)(3) Washington non-profit corporation.  The rates reflect the cost of maintenance, heat, light and facility upkeep, only.  We appreciate your support and help in keeping our facility in the condition deserved of a building on the National Historic Register.

Rental Payment
Security Deposit (Security Deposit is $500)
Lost Rental Key Fee   (Fee for Lost Key is $175)

To pay multiple types of fees in the same transaction, add the first fee to your cart, then click "Continue Shopping" in the PayPal Shopping Cart to return to this screen and add a second fee to your Cart.


2016 NCC Rental Rates (See Note 1)
Description Paid Member Rates
(Note 2)
General & Non-Paid
Member Rates
Non-Profit Rates
Half-day Rates* $300 $400 $350
All-day Rates* $500 $650 $550
Security Deposit $500
Lost Key Fee $175
*Half-day and All-day rates include the use of the auditorium, kitchen, classrooms and North deck. Note that since the Community Center allows public access, there may be use by the public of the grounds. However, paid renters have priority use of certain outdoor facilities such as the gazebo and fire pit. Those, and certain areas of the grounds, may be reserved and marked off as a part of the rented space. Make the rental coordinator aware of such needs when you schedule your rental. Half day rentals are from 9 AM to 3 PM or 4 PM to 10 PM.
Notice: Renter is responsible, at renter’s expense, to obtain any necessary permits required under local, county or state law/regulations for renter’s use of the facility.
Note 1:  FICRA Building Trust reserves the right to adjust the rental rates depending on the nature of the event and the size of the event.
Note 2:  Paid FICRA Membership is only available to individuals who live or own property on Fox Island. The member who is recorded as payer on this rental contract is to be in attendance at the event, and is to be the source of the insurance rider.