FICRA stands for Fox Island Community and Recreation Association. FICRA was formed the 24th of February 1970.

The purpose of FICRA is:

  • to promote matters pertaining to the health and safety of Fox Island residents
  • to promote the welfare and development of Fox Island
  • to provide recreation and social activities of a non profit nature as a public service to the residents of Fox Island

FICRA operates and maintains the Nichols Community Center and the adjacent Fox Island Nature Center.

FICRA is a volunteer organization that is here to serve our island community by providing many great social and recreational activities for islanders to enjoy. FICRA relies on its many volunteer members to make it all happen, from the Easter Egg Hunt and Plant Sale in the Spring, Fox Island Fair in the Summer, to the Christmas Tree Lighting in the Winter. Come join us to see how you can help FICRA continue to provide many great activities for Fox Islanders to enjoy.

Click here for past FICRA Board Meeting Minutes (beginning March 2011): BOARD MEETING MINUTES

Click here for past FICRA Treasurer's Reports (beginning 2011):  TREASURER'S REPORTS

The FICRA Building Trust

The FICRA Building Trust is the non profit organization that owns the Nichols Community Center and the adjacent Fox Island Nature Center.

The FICRA Building Trust needs your donations to help preserve the historic Nichols Community Center. In the years ahead, the FICRA Building Trust will be undertaking a capital campaign to fund much needed renovations to the Nichols Community Center. We hope to raise enough money to insulate the building, replace the worn out floors throughout, upgrade the windows, refurbish the kitchen and bathrooms, and put money aside for any future improvements that might arise.

The FICRA Building Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization, so all your donations are tax deductible. You can donate online via PayPal:



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