FICRA Trust Citizens Patrol

Crime Watch Updates

In Case of An Emergency, call 911.

To Report a Crime on the Island,
call Crime Watch at 549-7744.

To find out why the bridge flags are up, call 549-7744.

Fox Island is a lovely community and one aspect of living here is that there is little crime on the Island. As the population and activities increase, unfortunately, so can crime. Since the Pierce County Sheriff Department does not have the personnel to provide full-time coverage on the Island, we have formed a Crime Watch Committee, consisting of a volunteer citizen patrol and neighborhood watch activities, including hiring off-duty sheriff deputies to patrol on a regular basis. These activities, especially hiring of the deputies, is a significant expense for FICRA. We depend upon donations to the Crime Watch Committee to maintain and, if necessary, enhance these activities.

Why do I see those orange flags up at the bridge occasionally? The flag/sign posting is an active component of Crime Watch.  Its purpose is to alert Island residents when there is a potential or current event which deserves community notification.

When you see posteed flags as you come on to the Island, you can call the Crime Alert Hotline (549-7744) for information.  The message on the Hotline will advise residents of a particular situation or criminal activity.  After the announcement, the calling party has an opportunity to leave a comment which will be responded to by a Crime Watch member.  The response time is within 24 hours when a contact number is included in the comment.

You can also call 549-7744 at any time to communicate a concern or to leave a question for Crime Watch.  Examples might include leaving a complaint about speeders on Island streets, questionable door to door queries, etc.  If the incidents reported are condensed within a community or section of the Island, the flags will be posted along with a message advising of the issue. We also use the information reported to us to identify priority patrol areas for both the Sheriff and patrol members.

Thank you for your support! Donations may be made to our PO box or online.

PO Box 25
Fox Island, WA, 98333

Please click the DONATE button below to donate to Crime Watch online. Thank you, we appreciate your support!

Message from Pierce County Sheriff's Department: Crime can happen in any neighborhood. Alert neighbors can prevent crime by being observant. If you determine an activity looks suspicious: Call 911 (non-emergency, 798-4721, option 1),  Emily Watson, Community Service Officer (253) 798-4940, 6006 133rd St NW, Gig Harbor, 98332

The Fox Island Community and Recreation Association would like to remind residents that it is easier to prevent crime than to stop it. Please remember to lock your doors, secure your windows, and try not to keep valuables in your car. Click on this link from the the Pierce County Sheriff's office to learn more about how to protect yourself and your property: Home and Property Protection

FICRA has been working with representatives from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as the United States Department of Agriculture, to help better educate and inform Island residents about our growing coyote population.  They agree that the best way to deal with the coyotes is for Islanders to be proactive in protecting their own property and creating an unwelcome environment for coyotes.  Both parties agree that the best resource for learning how to do this is through the WA DFW website "Living with Wildlife.  The link can be found here: LIVING WITH WILDLIFE.  We encourage all Islanders to take a look at this information and to also share it with their friends and neighbors.  

The Crime Watch number (253-549-7744) is where you should report crimes and incidents that concern Fox Island residents.